From door handles to bicycle helmets, spoons, ballpoint pens, computer keyboards, door hinges, thermos jugs or disposable syringes - you always need tool and mould making to produce every item. Therefore, toolmaking is of immense strategic importance for industrial companies and the industrialized society.

+Driver of technical progress
Toolmaking is the spearhead of technical progress, because it today develops and builds the tools for tomorrow's production: tooling for new geometries, materials and functions. Customers and toolmakers are in a head-to-head race for technical progress. Sometimes it is the customer who wants to use a new material for a new product and encourages the tool makers to develop new production technology, sometimes it is the die and mould makers who enable their customers to further develop their products with innovative tools.

+Partner of the Industry
Together with its partners along the value chain, die and Mould makers ensure the competitiveness of their customers by equipping them with reliable and highly productive tools. He is the provider and retainer of their outsourced manufacturing know-how, whose consulting services represent the greatest lever for the reduction of overall production costs when being involved as early as the product design.

+Creator of quality-of-life
Almost all areas of human life benefit from the possibility to produce large series of identical parts in one mould. Even today, the vast majority of everyday objects such as bicycle helmets and sterile syringes would be unaffordable for the majority of people without toolmaking - as well as affordable furniture series with countless identical chairs or tables. In addition, no engine or watch could be repaired at reasonable cost because no suitable spare parts would be available.

+Saver of resources
The production of parts with tools and moulds helps to save resources. This is because tools are always designed in such a way that the customer saves expensive material, time and energy. In addition, the forming method of production is per se much more economical than processing solid material.

+Investor in customer projects
To manufacture the most modern and best means of production for its customers, the small and medium-sized toolmakers must constantly invest in the latest high-precision manufacturing technologies for their own production and in clever minds. The companies partly pre-invest the - at least in relation to their own size - often gigantically expensive and time-consuming customer projects.

... only with fair business relations between all partners of the value chain the die and mould makers can provide all of this sustainably!